About Us

About us

Martime Beach Club, Myrtle Beach

Defender Realty was established in 1990 to assist current timeshare owners and potential timeshare owners with navigating the vacation ownership landscape. Defender Resorts currently manages 24 resorts and 26 associations. Defender Realty offers a wide variety of services within its organization. We draw upon our well balanced professional licensed real estate agents and management team to become a source of strength. Our resale programs are real and our agents understand the complexity of the business.  All of our agents are licensed real estate professionals. What this means to the consumer is that agent has taken the time to become an educated licensed real estate professional about their industry and not a fly by night person just there to give you a resort tour. They are proud about their profession and took the time to become the professional in their industry. They also work for both the seller and the buyer so they have everyone’s best interest in mind; not just the goal of selling a unit to get it off their hands.

Our Skills

– Defender Realty is an industry leader in Vacation Ownership Resales. Some reasons why include:

Licensed in Real Estate
Timeshare Resale Experts
Knowledge of deeds and legalities
Never Any Upfront Fees

From the beginning

Defender Realty started its resale program with two primary objectives:

Provide the best possible resale program for owners.

We were successful at this objective by simply opening our doors. By giving all our owners access to our legitimate timeshare services with zero upfront fees we automaticalyl gave them the resale program that they wanted and needed.Defender Realty started its resale program with two primary

Restore the price of resale weeks.

We strive to pursue this objective on a daily basis. We work with all our owners and potential owners that want to buy and sell weeks that they are getting a fair and reasonable price on both ends.


Our licensed real estate professionals specialize in all vacation ownership classifications including: fixed, flex, floating, quartershare and RCI Points.

We also have extensive experience and licensing in several geographic areas including:

  • Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
  • Ocean City, Maryland
  • Lenox and Falmouth, Massachusetts (Berkshires)
  • Central and Coastal Florida
  • Florida Keys
  • Cayman Islands
  • Dutch Caribbean
  • Western North Carolina